soft enamel is the high quality affordable option

soft enamel Lapel Pin

As the most affordable pin choice, Soft Enamel is available in gold, silver and dyed-black plating. It offers the same high-quality look and color choices as Cloisonne, but at a fraction of the cost

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The soft enamel process is like the cloisonne process. Strips of metal separate areas of color inlaid into the pin. Unlike cloisonne, the areas of color rest below the metal strip surface, which can be felt when you run your finger over the surface. Similar to the photo etched process, the top can be covered with protective epoxy so that the piece appears smooth and lasts longer.

Custom soft enamel Lapel Pins
Custom soft enamel Lapel Pins
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Lapel Pins Express
Soft Enamel
Soft Enamel
Soft Enamel custom lapel pins are among our most popular sellers due to their unique 2-D appearance. The raised and recessed areas on the surface of the pin provide dimension without sacrificing the quality craftsmanship that our customers are accustomed to receiving.
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Don't Forget to View Our Customizable Upgrade Options

We offer several unique ways to upgrade and customize your Lapel Pin order, above and beyond simply the design and appearance of your Lapel Pins themselves. Add a truly unique touch by choosing from one of our presentation options such as acrylic cases or custom-printed cardstock. Improve the fastening of your pins by upgrading to one of our optional upgrade attachments. And as always, if you have any questions about our customizable accessories, we are always here to help.

Custom Lapel Pin Backings - Butterfly Clutch

The front of your Lapel Pin is called the adornment or pin face. That is where the design or logo will be created. Any way we affix the back of the adornment to the lapel is called the attachment. When we attach the nail or post, with a clutch, it is normally called a Lapel Pin. We offer a variety of different optional attachments for your custom Lapel Pins. A standard military or rubber clutch is included free with every order.

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If you have questions about any about our custom Lapel Pin attachments, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1.866.467.3423.

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Our custom lapel pins are available in a variety of custom precious metal platings and can be fitted with a range of different standard or upgrade options. We also offer the ability to truly customize the presentation and packaging of your order in acrylic or velvet cases, or on custom printed card stock. We place our customers first in our client centric approach to custom products. All of these qualities and more make Lapel Pins Express today’s leader in custom lapel pins.


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